Important for New and Used Saddles

Whether you buy a new or used saddle, it’s important to have it fit to your horse. 

Before you buy a saddle, I can take tracings of your horse’s back in advance, so that the saddlery or tack shop can approximate the fit. After you receive your saddle, we’ll probably need to make some adjustments. Even new saddles generally require some reflocking to refine the fit. 

If you plan to buy a used saddle, I suggest you try several offered by consignment through a tack shop. Then together we can determine which fits you and your horse the best. Some tack shops will also let you test a couple of new saddles at a time. Once you make a choice, I can customize the fit for you.

Tip: Saddle manufacturers do not adhere to a unified standard for measuring tree width. A medium tree of one manufacturer may be slightly larger or smaller than that of another. For the best fit, ask me to make tracings of your horse’s back to send to the saddlery for proper saddle sizing.