General Fees Structure

Saddle Fitting

I charge each owner an initial $125 per horse to evaluate the fit of a saddle. If an owner has more than one horse, I charge $85 per additional horse to evaluate the saddle fit. The process can take up to two and a half hours per horse/saddle combination. I evaluate your horse’s back and conformation, check for saddle-related pressure points, note injury history, assess the saddle both on and off the horse, and provide a written report.  Typically I will need to see you ride in the saddle in order to evaluate it properly. I charge an additional $35 if your saddle needs a flocking adjustment, which I do right at your barn.

If you would like me to fit more than one saddle per horse, I charge an additional $25 to $85, depending on the work needed.

If your saddle does not fit, or if you are in the market for a new saddle, I will be happy to recommend a wide variety of saddles that may work, including one of the many models that I carry.

Barn Call Fee

I charge a barn call fee of $48 per person and no longer charge mileage fees. If I see more than one person at your barn that day, I reduce the call fee to $25 per person. (For West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania and Eastern Shore clients, the call fee is $75, or $40 for multiple clients at the same barn.) Please let me know in advance if I will see multiple people at your barn. Since my days are booked well in advance, it is difficult for me to accommodate unscheduled fittings.

Purchasing a New Saddle

In addition, I offer several models of saddles, including Frank Baines, Ideal and some Black Country saddles. The charge to demo a saddle that I offer is $125, plus a barn call fee. This fee includes a fitting, an evaluation of how the saddle performs while you ride the horse, a back tracing, digital photos, and if necessary, I will leave the demo saddle so that you may try it for several rides.

Myofascial Release/Equine Massage

$85 per horse per session. I also charge a barn call fee as noted above.