The saddle as a feedback loop

In another lifetime I learned to use a form of systems theory to analyze and improve my organization’s business processes. We were a state agency that issued professional licenses and resolved consumer complaints. One basic analytic tool we used was the simple feedback loop.

For example, we flow-charted our administrative and legal processes into a […]

Four critical fit points at the front of the saddle

Have you ever heard another rider ask, “I think my saddle is too tight. Do I need a wider tree?”

The answer may surprise you. Often, the saddle that seems too tight is really too wide, and the saddle that seems too wide is too tight. This sounds contradictory if we think of tree width […]

The double fulcrum, or, “Don’t see-saws belong on the playground?

I still remember the scene, my buddy and I at age 8 performing a silly stunt on the playground see-saw. My buddy sat on his end of the see-saw resting on the ground. I stretched up to grab the other end and pulled down hard enough to lift him in the air with a bounce. […]

Why The Saddle Fitter’s Diary

I hope you find my “Diary” entries to be informative and thoughtful. I’ve been fitting saddles for horses and riders for about nine years, and during this time I’ve fitted over 5,000 saddles on almost that many horses. It has been a humbling experience. But along the way I’ve gathered some insights that may help […]