The Saddle Fitter

“Thank you for your support all of these years, I have retired from saddle fitting.” –Bill Wood

Serving Virginia and Maryland


Saddle Fitting is at once an art and science.

The science is in matching the many intersecting angles of the saddle to their corresponding angles of the horse’s back.

The art of saddle fitting comes into play when the horse is in motion, affected by the rider, because many of the saddle’s angles of contact will change.

The goal is to spread the rider’s weight evenly without persistent pressure points. A proper fit of horse and rider can help keep your horse pain free.

I am a Society of Master Saddlers (UK) Ltd. Qualified Saddle Fitter and certified equine massage/muscle therapist serving Virginia and Maryland. I pride myself in being:


  • Service-oriented: I travel to you and guarantee my work.
  • Considerate of your budget: I offer group discounts.
  • Good at what I do: I trained with the best and have a long list of happy customers.